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Welcom to McCann VFX!

We offer visual effects, motion graphics, video editing, graphic design, photo retouching, and fine art.

Contact us for your next film, series, or commercial project!


This is my current show reel, featuring my role as a compositor.


Here are featured series and film reels, highlighting my work on specific projects.


Here is some client work that we've had the pleasure of working on...

"Finding Brian was one of best thing that’s happened to me as a filmmaker.  I needed to fix a few problem shots on a film that I was working on, and once I saw what he was capable of, I realized that the possibilities were endless.  There’s nothing that he’s incapable of.  From removing unwanted objects, to adding things like blood, gunshots, he even added a spool of thread to a moving sewing machine!  It was really incredible.  Now I shoot my films with him in mind, expanding on shots I never thought were possible.  He’s an absolute whiz and incredibly easy to communicate with.  His turnaround is so rapid, often providing the clips in the same day.  He has helped me to elevate my storytelling in so many ways.  I feel so lucky to have him as a collaborator."

Joey Angerone - Filmmaker

"Brian did an excellent job creating visual elements for a major digital event we had. We worked for weeks on developing scenes and characters to help support and elevate the creativity and effectiveness of that event. Brian was always available and really easy to work with. His many years of experience helped guide us in an area we were unfamiliar with. I’m looking forward to future projects where we can collaborate together again!"


Ben King - Director, Editor, Multimedia and

Motion Graphics Artist

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